Micro-Peel Resurfacing Kit 4 oz


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Nobody wants dull, dead, aged skin.

That's why so many of us turn to harsh acid peels for help. But did you know these can actually irritate and damage your skin? And this damage can lead to wrinkles and leathery, aged skin, especially for those of us who have sensitive skin. That's why DermaFactor developed its Acid-Free Enzyme-Active Micro Peel Kit for Sensitive Skin. This three-part kit exfoliates and nourishes, sloughing away dead cells to reveal younger-looker, more vibrant skin.

Unlike most acid facial peel kits, which include products that strip your skin of moisture before exfoliating it, DermaFactor's kit includes an Ultra Nourishing Facial Mask. This goes on first to moisturize, cool, and soothe the skin, gently preparing it for the peel.

The second step in the kit is DermaFactor's Acid-Free Enzyme-Active Micro Peel. This revolutionary new product contains proteolytic enzymes, which gently break down the proteins that hold dead skin cells together, effectively giving you all the benefits of a full exfoliation without requiring you to apply a harsh acid to your delicate skin. Acid-Free Enzyme-Active Micro Peel also contains additional ingredients to instantly smooth your wrinkles, tighten your skin, and give you a glowing, youthful look.

DermaFactor's Finishing Skin Shield goes on last to seal the skin and protect it from environmental stressors. It contains a purified fraction of natural oat polyoses that will not only nurture your skin, but also help smooth away the look of your wrinkles.

So throw out those harsh facial peels of the past and let DermaFactor's Acid-Free Enzyme-Active Micro Peel Kit completely revolutionize the way you care for your skin. This highly effective yet extremely gentle three-part kit is the perfect way to nourish, exfoliate, smooth and tighten your skin, reduce the appearance of your wrinkles, and make you look and feel absolutely amazing.

Each kit contains four once-a-week complete treatments.


Ultra Nourishing Facial Mask: Frescolat Ml 2%, Aloe Vera 200x 0.01%, Aqualance 3%, Avocado Oil 0.2%, Shea Butter 0.2%, Allantoin 0.10%, Bisabolol 0.10%.

Acid-Free Enzyme-Active Micro Peel: Keratoline CPS 4%, Exfolactive EL 4%, Dynalift 7%, Aloe 200x 0.01%, Allantoin 0.10%.

Finishing Skin Shield: Osilift Bio 4%, Aqualance 3%

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For use following DermaFactor Ultra Nourishing Facial Mask. Using your fingertips and palms, gently massage DermaFactor Enzyme-Active Acid-Free Micro Peel for sensitive skin onto the full face. Wait a few minutes for the product to completely dry. Follow with DermaFactor After Peel Skin Shield Finishing Cream.