Aroma Cleanse Youth Cleansing Duo 1 ea

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Youth Cleansing Milk & Lotion Duo

Duo Includes:

Youth Cleansing Milk - Formulated with Neroli Essential Oil to protect and repair the skin and fight dehydration. It has softening and soothing properties and leaves the skin moisurized and radiant. Sweet Almond Oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids, helps to remove make-up gently while protecting, sottening and soothing the skin. Designed for all skin types.

Youth Lotion - Formulated with Magnolia Essential Oil to provide soothing and anti-oxidant properties. It soothes skin and protects from free radicals, which helps the skin stay youthful longer. It has moisturizing properties with Hyaluronic Acid to attract and retain moisture, reduce dryness and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. Rose Milk, rich in amino acids and fatty acids essential to the skin’s regeneration, provides restorative, comforting and softening properties to the skin. Its milky lotion formula provides more comfort. Designed for mature skin.



Cleansing Milk:  Green tea essential water, orange peel derivative, magnolia essential oil, sweet almond oil, hyaluronic acid.
Lotion: Green tea essential water, orange peel derivative, magnolia essential oil, rose milk, hyaluronic acid.


Youth Cleansing Milk- Using a dampened cotton pad, gently massage the milk over the eyes and neck and then the rest of the face using light circular movements. Apply pressure to the smile dimples (under the cheekbones) for ten seconds. Then apply Youth Lotion.

Youth Lotion- Apply the lotion all over the face using a dampened cotton pad. Absorb any excess product with a paper tissue if necessary.