Deborah Lippmann

Get Off Callus Softener 2.6 fl oz (77 ml)


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Corns and callus are the most common skin conditions on the foot.  Excessive pressure and sheering stress cause the outer layer of the skin to thicken forming corns and callus.  These conditions can be managed with care.

  • For the in-depth pre-treatment of hyperkeratosis, fissures, callus, cracks, corns.

Made in Germany


Keep out of reach of children.  Dispose in recycling container only when completely empty.  For external use only.  Do not use more than once a week.

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  • Spray the area of skin being prepared for treatment from a distance of about 10 cm (4 inches).
  • Leave to act for 30 seconds up to 5 minutes, depending on the severity of keratinisation.
  • Follow with pumice depending on severity of keritinisation.