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Takeouts Silicone Bra Inserts, Clear 1 pair


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The Better Boob Job

We think you're wonderful just as you are, but who doesn't want a little pick-me-up now and then? With a sly wink, we offer you takeouts® or as we like to refer to them the better boob job.

takeouts® add a full cup size to your bust line. Best of all, they're natural-feeling and removable... all of the fun and none of the commitment of more, ahem, permanent methods.

One size fits most.

This package contains two 100% silicone gel breast enhancers (in polyurethane shells)

Made in USA

takeouts® work with most bra styles and bathing suits. Just place takeouts in your bra and position.

  • under breast for lift
  • In front for extra voluptuousness
  • On the outer sides for that come-and-get-me cleavage

Tighten your bra straps and smile you're unstoppable!

Plump side down works best for most, but you be the judge. Have fun.

Care for takeouts® as you would your own: Hand wash with warm water and soap, and please don't puncture with sharp objects.