Mineral Corrector Palette, Tan To Deep 1 ea


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Mineral Corrector Palette - Medium to Dark Use separately or blend together to cover and camouflage everyday skin concerns, such as blemishes, dark circles and redness, as well as post-procedure discolorations.

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Tokyo: Goldenrod that neutralized redness and camouflages dark pigmentation and blemishes.

Calcutta: Olive green undertones cancel out redness and is an excellent blender to even skin tone. A colore match for most Mediterranean or olive skin tones.

Hong Kong: A brilliant bronze without shimmer is a great accent for dark complexions. Use as an eye shadow to highlight eyes or as a blush/bronzer to enhance cheekbones.

Nairobi: A fresh apricot undertone brightens dark circles and bluish undertones on brown skin. A perfect blush to complement any dark to deep skin tones.

New York: A rich terra cotta red to disguise bruising and dark circles, it can even cover tattoos. Works well on lips or eyes or as a dramatic statement highlighting cheekbones.