CARGO EyeLighter

Eye Brightening Stick, Shimmer & Matte, White 1 ea


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EyeLighter™simplifies the age-old makeup artist trick of widening and brightening eyes through shadow application along the corners and rims of eyes. Pointed tip applies the matte pink shadow to the outer corners of the eyes, under the brows, and to the lower lash line for instant lift. The rounded tip applies soft, shimmering pink shadow to the inner corners to open and brighten eyes. Perfect for all complexions.

  • CARGO simplifies an age-old make-up trick by combining matte and frost highlighting eye shadows in one convenient, easy to use precision pen
  • Designed to highlight and brighten eyes with ease
  • The pen contains matte and frost eye shadows with specialized application tips - shadow is dispensed from small cartridges that cap the pen
  • The rounded tip applies matte shadow to the outer corners of the eyes, under the brows and to the lower lash line for instant lift without the surgery!
  • The pointed tip applies soft, shimmering shadow to the inner corners of the eyes to open and brighten eyes
  • Spring loaded for gentle application around the delicate eye area
  • Contains conditioning ingredients and is long wearing with a velvet texture
  • Applicator tips are washable
  • Contains Vitamin E, a well-known anti-oxidant that helps to sooth and condition the delicate skin around the eye area and it is especially good for sensitive eyes
  • Gives a smooth and slightly creamy texture to the shadow for blendability and easy application

Cargo Cosmetics Corp.

This product is ideal for brightening eyes and/or giving an instant lift  The product/eye shadow itself is stored within small cartridges that have application tips on either end of the pen.  To access the product, simply twist off the cap.  The twisting motion will automatically dispense product onto the application tip.  Apply sparingly to the eyes and blend.

Apply the matte side of the pen to the outer corners of the eyes for an instant "eye lift." If desired use under the lower lash line to brighten.  Blend with the applicator tip or the fingertips to soften the effect

The shimmering tip should be used on the inner corner of the eyes, close to the nose to give a really "pop" to the eyes.  It can also be used under the brows as a final shimmering highlight, once eye make-up has been completed.