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The CARGO EyeBase™ is an innovative primer that prepares the eyelids for make-up application ensuring a long lasting effect for shadows and eyeliners and is housed in a convenient pen format for easy application.

  • Created especially for the delicate eye area, this innovative eye lid primer gives eye shadow and eye liner a long lasting effect
  • Locks color in place for all day wear and allows color to stay true
  • Evens out the lids, removes redness and small irregularities
  • The unique formulation uses a special combination of oils that prevent color from creeping or running on the lids
  • Specialized optical blurring gives a perfect radiance around the eyes for a softer looking eye area
  • Housed in a sleek and convenient pen format for easy application
  • The special "click" turn ensures a proportioned dosage is dispensed
  • The cushiony applicator is gentle around the eyes offering the ultimate in comfort

Key Ingredients:

  • Isododecane: Ensures a long lasting effect, prevents creasing and ensures consistent color
  • Ronasphere LDP
    • Consists of silicon dioxide in a spherical shape coated with titanium dioxide and iron oxide for a light diffusing effect
    • Helps decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Delivers optical wrinkle erasers/blurring and gives a natural radiance to the eye area

Made in Germany

Cargo Cosmetics Corp.

  1. Prior to shadow application, apply over the eyelids with the enclosed applicator.
  2. Blend with the fingertips or a foundation brush.
  3. Ensure that the entire surface area of the eye is covered from the lash line all the way up and under the eyebrow.
  4. Next follow with an application of eye shadow that closely matches the skin tone over the entire eye area.  On fair skin tones opt for light cream or ivory tones and on dark skin tones choose soft golden brown or sandy tones.