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ROSE DE ROSE - Sheer Liquid Blush, #3 - Amber Rose 15 ml


#3 - Amber Rose
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#1 - Fresh Rose
#3 - Amber Rose

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3 - Amber Rose

Sheer Liquid Blush
With Natural Rose Extracts
Smoothing Glow

This new generation liquid blush with an ultra-smoothing deep skincare action, reveals plump, fresh and velvety soft cheekbones.

Its ultra-sheer micro-gel texture offers an adaptable luminous satin finish that can be built up as you wish.

The Core of the Formula

  • Rosamine, a natural carmine pigment derived from Rose petals, combines with matte and translucent micro-reflectors to enhance curved areas with a fresh and natural rosy sheen.
  • The Rosaliss complex, bursting with White, Black and Pastel Rose extracts and pulverized perfecting prisms, smoothes the relief and illuminates the complexion with luscious radiance.


Apply a dab of color onto the skin , blend the textures on cheeks for an intense effect, or stretch the texture onto cheekbones, forehead, chin and decollete for diffused effect.