OMBRE VELOUTEE - Powder Eye Shadow, 101 Rose Macaroon 1.5 g

Matte-Satin Smoothing Effect


101  Rose Macaroon
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101  Rose Macaroon
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101 - Rose Macaroon - Pale Pink

This powder eyeshadow gives satin-matte radiance and enhances the eyes with vibrant, long-lasting color.

  • The Velvet Touch Complex smoothes and unifies the eyelid, thanks to optical ultra-smoothing prisms and ultra-mircronized matte pigments.
  • Polymers give comfort and softness.


  • To create a base with the Wash technique: with Dome Brush 3, trace a vertical ray of light in the center of the eyelid, blend the color outward and then take it inward. A spotlight effect guaranteed!
  • To shade or emphasize the eyes in a more intense shade, use Eye Modeling Brush Stencil 2 to apply color all over the lid, forming a "V" at the outer corner.
  • For incredibly chic eyes, open up your gaze even further by accentuating the V with a third color.