NAIL LAQUE TERRYBLY High-Shine Smoothing Lacquer, #8 Fire Game 10 ml

Ultra-Long Wear Rich Color
Fortifying & Restructuring – Okoume Plant Extract


#8  Fire Game
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#12 - Terrybly Terry
#8  Fire Game

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A new nail lacquer generation that combines nail care performance with beauty result thanks to its protective Okoume resin and very bright and rich pigment colors, to strengthen nails and enhance them with ultra glossy and glamorous colors.

  • To Fortify and Restructure: Okoume resin extract reinforce the hardness of the keratin structures that compose the nail.
  • For a Long-Lasting Hold: polymer components improve the hold of the nail lacquer thanks to their affinities with the nail surface.
  • For an Ultra-Shine effect: the combination of film-forming polymers and silicon surface additive.
  • For Rich Colors: synthetic, organic and mineral pigments provide rich and redefining long lasting colors.


Apply first Nail Laque Terrybly, Nail Glow Brightener. Then apply a first fine coat of Nail Laque Terrybly from the nail bed to the edge, followed by a strip on each side.

One more time: ultra shiny nails guaranteed!