Silicone Triangle Bra Inserts, A/B, Clear 1 ea


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Triangle Silicone pads are perfect for all bras, bathing suits and halters with a triangle shape.

They add a cup size, youthful shaping and welcome cleavage. Silicone pads have a natural feel and shape and quickly warm to body temperature so you won't even know you are wearing them. Economically priced for your budget.

For best fit wear A/B with A or B cup bra, wear C/D with C or larger cup bra.

Silicone Magic:

  • Looks and feels natural
  • Increases confidence
  • Ideal for bras, workout wear and swimwear
  • Has a natural feel and bounce
  • Can be positioned several ways to create the cleavage, lift and enhancement that suit you best.

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