Perfume Brooch-Puffed Heart, Swarovski Crystals, Siam, One Size 1 ea


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Now with the Perfume Brooch you can keep your favorite scent with you all day and night and spice up your bra or camisole.

Because it's made with brilliant Swarovski Crystals it looks like an expensive piece of jewelry and is a real eye catcher you will be proud to wear.

Simply spritz one of the foam petals, (15 included) with your favorite scent, tuck into the chamber as shown, clip the brooch on and you're all set.

The Perfume Brooch is great also on your favorite v-neck, tank, cami or placed in a button hole on any blouse.

It's stunning when placed on a bra and 'peeks' out from a low cut top.

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