It's A Wrap, light copper blonde 1 ea


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Now it's possible to achieve a celebrity look without a stylist!

A sophisticated pony tail for stepping out on the town. The real hair is available in eleven popular shades and blends naturally into your own hair for a sleek, polished pony or a relaxed, casual look.

  • Easy to wrap, takes just seconds.
  • Stays in place without using additional pins... guaranteed!
  • Hair can easily be dyed.
  • The best way to hide the elastic band on your pony tail and make it look like you are using your own hair.
  • It's a Wrap increases the volume of your natural pony tail.

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  • Tuck one end of the needle between the band and head.  For best results, start underneath the ponytail.
  • Loop the hair around the ponytail as many times as needed to cover the elastic.
  • Finish by tucking the other end of the needle anywhere between the elastic band and the head.