Professional Select Brush Kit, 8 Piece 1 set


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High Grade Soft Natural Bristles & Taklon Synthetic, Triple Dyed Fibers

  • Double-Ply Anodized Aluminum
  • Double Crimped Turned Ferrules
  • Includes Detailed Instructional Brochure

Borghese Professional Select Brush Kit Includes:

  • Fan Blending Brush
    The fan blending brush shape allows for even and soft definition, making it a perfect brush for gently sweeping powders on your face.  A must-have for the finishing touches, this brush can also be used to fan away excess product like eye makeup fallout, without leaving any traces.  Made from premium-grade natural bristles.
  • Tapered Powder Brush
    This tapered powder b rush precisely applies all types of face powders.  The shape of the bristles is designed to help contour and enhance color for a professional finish.  Made from premium-grade natural bristles.
  • Precision Foundation Brush
    Our innovative precision foundation brush effortlessly applies your favorite foundations for a smooth and blended finish.  The pointed tip fits perfectly to the contours of the eyes and nose and can also be used to apply concealer and treat blemishes.  Made from premium-grade synthetic bristles.
  • Angled Eyeshadow Brush
    Our angled eyeshadow brush perfectly applies and blends shadows.  Its angled shape makes applying color to the corners of your eyes, in the creases, or across the entire lid effortless.  Made from premium-grade natural bristles.
  • Tapered Eye Blending Blush
    Ideally designed to apply and blend eyeshadow, this brush has soft, smooth and tapered bristles to work with the crease and contours of your eyelids.  Made from premium-grade natural bristles.
  • Smudge Brush
    This brush applies, blends and builds eye makeup to create a range of trend-worthy results.  The densely packed, rounded bristles place color to your eyelid with precise definition.  It picks up the perfect amount of color every time.  Use this brush to smudge colors along the lash lines for a deep and smoky look.  Made from premium-grade synthetic bristles.
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush
    This brush defines your lids with flawless color.  Use liquid, gel, and powder liners (wet or dry) with precision.  Made from premium-grade synthetic bristles.
  • Cosmetic Brush Bag
    A soft, supple and fashionable brush bag keeps your cosmetic brushes in pristine condition and in perfect order.

Borghese professionally selected cosmetic brush set includes everything you will need to create a professional look and finish with every makeup application.  Our brushes are assembled using the finest quality materials such as tapered wooden handles and premium natural and synthetic bristles.

Made in USA


Keep out of reach of children.

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