Body Rock

Designer Body Tattoos, Vintage 1 ea


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Designer Body Tattoos.

Contains three different style sheets for the body so you can mix and match to achieve whatever look you want.


  1. Cut out your selected Body Rock tattoo design.
  2. Make sure the area to be applied is clean, dry and oil free.
  3. Remove the clear sheet protecting the tattoo.
  4. Place the patterned side onto the skin. Once in place dampen the backing paper with water using a cotton pad.
  5. Hold onto the skin until the tattoo releases from the backing paper onto the skin.
  6. Slowly remove the backing paper away from the skin, ensuring the tattoo is firmly adhered to the skin.
  7. Press down any loose edges with a damp finger and allow to dry.

You can wear the Body Rock tattoos in many ways on your face and body. The guidelines are there to help you.

To remove: Use a facial cleanser or wipe.