"THINNING HAIR" Jenn Falik, Style & Beauty Expert My wedding hair would have been significantly more celebratory had I known about Viviscal in 2006. VIVISCAL
Hair Growth Program
Amber Murray, Founder of BeautyJunkiesUnite.com As a teen, one of my biggest beauty blunders was too much
foundation and the wrong color! I wish I had Smashbox Camera
Ready BB Cream.
Camera Ready BB Cream, Light/Medium
"POST-GYM BREAKOUTS" Alexis Wolfer, Founder of TheBeautyBean.com TI didn't always love a good sweat session, so it's probably no wonder it took my post-workout skin care routine some time to catch up to my avid exercising. Also no wonder: the breakouts I would get as a result of waiting until I got home to properly cleanse my face. Now I keep Arcona Triad Pads in my car so even when I'm on the run, I can cleanse, tone and moisturize on the go. ARCONA
Triad Pads, Tone
"OVERPLUCKED EYEBROWS" Noreen, Director Working in the beauty industry I see beautiful brows all day, every day. Unfortunately, when I was a teenager I plucked my brows off in ode to my '20s beauty icon, Clara Bow. And they never grew back. So I rely on the Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil by It Cosmetics to fill in the gaps. The pencil is super soft and allows me to draw brows where they should be so I don't need to throw on a flapper dress or wear long bangs. IT COSMETICS
Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil
Shanti, Social Marketing Strategist Two words: butterfly clips. Accessories were taken to the extreme in middle school, and I was guilty on all counts. My go-to look was cornrows created with butterfly clips. Now I can still accessorize my hair and stay current with Jane Tran hair accessories. Jane Tran Hair Accessories
Single Row Square Crystal Bobby Pin Set, Black Diamond
"SHINY SKIN" Tanya, PR Manager When I was 12 or 13, I was a little maniacal about preventing shine on my face. I got these blotting papers with powder on them and used them constantly—I thought I looked very put-together and chic. Then I saw some pictures of myself post-blotting. I looked like I was wearing a white mask! Now that I'm older and wiser, I just pat on some Korres Mattifying Primer and get on with my day. And if I blot, I use powder-free papers from Alison Raffaele. Korres Natural Products
Pomegranate Mattifying Face Primer
Alison Raffaele
Oil Blotting Tissues
Vanessa, Category Manager I have no patience when growing out my bangs. I end up trimming them myself and making a big mess. But when I hide my mistake with these beautiful Jane Tran rhinestone barrettes, no one notices! I’m determined to grow them out gracefully next time, with a gorgeous braided headband, like this one from Hairdo. JANE TRAN HAIR ACCESSORIES
Rhinestone Bobby Pin Set
French Braid Band, 21”, Chocolate Copper
"BRIGHT COLORS GONE BAD" Vanessa, Category Manager I've always had a bit of a wild side when it comes to makeup, which led to some unfortunate beauty moments. In junior high, I thought the smoky eye look was accomplished with lots of black eyeshadow. I also wore silver lipstick every day. Oh yes, you read that right, SILVER LIPSTICK. I'm pretty sure it was from the Halloween aisle. Since then, I've learned how to have fun with makeup without the metallic lips. That’'s why I love Urban Decay's FUN palette. These playful colors let me get a little wild and crazy without looking like I should be carrying a pillowcase full of candy. URBAN DECAY
FUN Palette
"HEAVY-HANDED BLUSH" Carley, Assistant PR Manager As a teenager, I didn't grasp the concept of less-is-more when it came to using blush. I don't have very defined cheekbones so I thought the more blush the better to show some bone structure. As a result, I often left the house with two round red dots on each side of my face. Today I attempt to create a more subtle glow on my cheeks which is why I love to use Nars The Multiple in Orgasm. It highlights my face while adding a touch of color that doesn't leave me looking like a clown. NARS THE MULTIPLE
Multi-Purpose Stick, Orgasm
"HAIR COLOR CATASTROPHE" Kathleen, Vice President I went through a phase where I liked to put colored streaks in my hair. The colors were crooked and bled together so I eventually dyed my hair black. Not the best look with my Irish coloring! This temporary, wash-out hair color is easy to apply and fun to wear out. HAIR COLOR CHALK
Profess Xtra L Chalk Pack, Hot Pink
Debbie, Copy Manager I'm so fair-skinned I have a hard time matching the right foundation. I once used a powder base that was much too light. A friend saw a picture of me at a wedding and asked, “Why were you dressed up as a vampire?” It's taken many years to find the right shade. Stila makes several that look fresh-faced and pretty, not undead and evil. STILA STAY ALL DAY
Foundation & Concealer, Bare
"FAKE TAN FAUX PAS" Suzy, Category Manager There was a time when having a deep tan was very fashionable, but I always burned and peeled. So I decided to use QT, (a popular self-tanner in the late '70s) and the unattractive result was an Oompa Loompa look that lasted for two weeks. Times have definitely changed! Now I use Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads for Body. These simple-to-use pads give me a natural sun-kissed glow! DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE
Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body with Active Vitamin D