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Safety Razor Set 1 ea

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Classic safety razor and shave brush for a traditional wet shave.

Razor provides a close, comfortable shave, while the top-of-the-line Silver Tip badger hair shave brush evenly distributes shave cream, creates lather and lifts facial hair. Both handles are chrome-plated and engraved with a pattern that borrows from the classic barbershop pole. Stand holds both the razor and brush.

Rinse the Badger brush in warm water, shake off excess water and apply Super Close Shave Cream to the top of the badger brush. Use the brush to apply the shave cream onto face in circular motions. Let sit on the skin for 30 seconds. Use the razor slowly, with short strokes.

To avoid razor bumps and burn, shave in the direction of the hair growth. Shave difficult areas last, permitting the cream to soften the hair longer. For more tips on how to shave with a safety razor, watch our on-line tutorial.