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Rose Ring Rouge, Clear Pink 0.03 oz


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Beautifully designed like a luxurious, antique piece of jewelry

  • A purple gem surrounded by Anna's beloved roses screams luxury!
  • Not just a lip product, this ring is an accessory that makes a statement.
  • Beautifully adorn yourself with this ring and it's sure to bring you luck!
  • Pearls shine brilliantly through a vividly clear base
  • Formulated with the same Clear Gloss Oil that makes Anna Sui Lip Gloss highly translucent.
  • Pearls, suspended in this highly translucent base, glitter and shine brilliantly.
  • From subtle to dramatic, be picky with so many shades to choose from.
  • Long-lasting shine & hydration
  • Formulated with a high ratio of extra-hydrating Moist Oil this rouge spreads on like a dream and leaves lips moisturized.
  • Additionally, Clear Gloss Oil provides superior shine and fit in one plush and even layer over the lips.
  • Lips remain glamorously slick and hydrated for a long time.

Take adequate amount on Lip Brush or fingertips and apply to entire lip.