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NEW!Minnie Mouse Perfect Mascara, 001 Black 0.26 oz (7 ml)


001 Black
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001 Black
500 Pink Brown

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180 degree coverage and definition.

Perfect separation and upward curl is the key! Blending in generous amount of Fast Dry Powder, minimizes any sticky sensation while effectively adding volume, to realize clearly defined clump-free separated eyelashes. Water resistant Curl Keep Polymer and Triple Solid Oil which  forms a solid film protect the finished cosmetic film to provide double curl maintaining effect. Curling power which is a weak point of ordinary film type mascara has been improved dramatically.

What is wanted is absolutely beautiful eyelashes with length and dense.

Highly adherent and hard film forming Triple Solid Oil is added to make eyelashes longer and keep them curling upward while ensuring that the base formula becomes firmly entangled with layered application. Create thick, long. In addition, ultra-fine and short fibers that do not spoil the beautiful cosmetic film are also blended in.  With coat over coat, eyelashes look longer and thicker, while the smooth, even finish highlights glowing eyelash makeup.

Striking, smudge-free styling capability.

Film-forming base formula.  Blending in a sebum-resistant, film-forming polymer and a water-resistant polymer makes the mascara resistant to sebum and water and maintains the beautiful finish all day long. The combination of Curl-Keeping Polymer and Triple Solid Oil helps create a film that is solid both inside and outside, so it powerfully retains styling.


  • Apply from the root of lash and comb
  • Water resistant, sebum resistant film type mascara
  • Remove gently with warm water