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Kit Contents:

Rose Liquid Body Soap (60ml)

  • Rich, creamy bubbles are a mousse-like treat for skin
  • Includes Triple Clear Capsules which consist of a trio of highly cleansing, highly foaming, elasticity improving ingredients. Discover extremely dense and foamy bubbles!
  • A rich and dense foamy lather feels super gentle yet cleanses thoroughly- leaving skin extra clean and clear.
  • Bubble Keep Polymers form a film around the lather- creating a bouncy, resilient, and long-lasting foam.
  • Ultra-moisturized, silky smooth skin
  • Extremely moisturizing damask rose honey and other beneficial beauty ingredients have been expertly combined to improve absorption of moisture.
  • Leaves skin hydrated and smooth and prevents the dehydration that normally occurs after bathing

Rose Body Lotion (60ml)

  • Refreshing application leaves skin super smooth
  • A water base with a hydrating texture is expertly combined with highly moisturizing damask rose honey. The texture of the lotion becomes slightly thicker as it spreads for easy smoothing on.
  • Additionally, naturally derived Seaweed Polymers form a moisturizing veil over the face and highly absorbent oils give a subtle glow, while leaving skin completely smooth and non-sticky.
  • Moisturized and smoothly toned skin!
  • This lotion consists of 2 layers: A toning layer and an emulsion layer which combined leave skin ultra-hydrated and plump.
  • Emulsion Capsules in the first layer swiftly moisturize and soften skin.
  • Seaweed Polymers in the second layer leave skin toned and ultra-hydrated by holding moisture in the skin.

Body Gel Scrub (50ml)

  • 2 Kinds of scrubs combined for extra-smooth skin!
  • Gentle Red Scrub Grains and coarse Transparent Scrub Grains polish skin by removing rough dead skin and impurities.
  • A surge of moisture for soft, dewy skin
  • A gel-type scrub blended with oil for long-lasting moisture.

Mesh Body Sponge

Pouch: Size: Approx. W 190mm � H 130mm � D 110mm


Rose Liquid Body Soap: Put an appropriate amount on a sponge. Make a foamy lather, then apply it generously on your body, and rinse off.

Rose Body Lotion: The lotion separates into two layers, so shake well before use. Put an appropriate amount on your palm after taking a bath or a shower. Apply the lotion over your entire body and blend well.

Body Gel Scrub: After wetting the area (Elbows, knees, heels) with warm or cold water, apply the product using the fingertips. Massage gently to avoid over-stimulation, then rinse off.

Mesh Body Sponge: Wet a sponge with warm or cold water, apply the body cleanser, foam well, and gently wash the body.