Amazing Cosmetics AMAZINGCOSMETICS was founded with a single focus--producing the absolute best concealers on the market. By offering a wide range of concealer and corrector shades and formulas, the brand provides cosmetic solutions for all types of complexion concerns. From luminizing liquids that soften lines and boost radiance to creamy solids that moisturize and plump the skin to chubby sticks that are easy to use for blemishes and contouring, AMAZINGCOSMETICS has everything you need to get a flawless, gorgeous look.




Amazing Cosmetics Product Spotlight


Developed as a Solution

Close friends Sue Katz and Lisa Thurman shared a lifelong love of makeup. While they both loved experimenting with cosmetics, they agreed that there was one area where top brands fell short--concealers. Sue and Lisa struggled to find concealers that were able to address all of their complexion concerns. Determined to find a solution, they worked to create their own concealer cosmetics, and when they saw how well their products performed, they knew they needed to be shared with the world. In 1999, they launched AmazingCosmetics through an online store. Word about the benefits of their concealers quickly spread, launching their company into the spotlight. Today, AMAZINGCOSMETICS is known as The Concealer Expert and their concealers are sold around the world. Their strong ‘cult’ following includes professional makeup artists, celebrities, beauty editors, and makeup enthusiasts from around the globe because their products create beautiful, flawless skin like no other brand.

An Extension of Your Skincare Regimen

Concealers are used to disguise imperfections, and all of those flaws have distinct causes. When creating AMAZINGCOSMETICS makeup, the expert formulators at the brand consider more than just the visible signs of skin imperfections; they focus on the factors that contribute to them. Every product contains ingredients that address imperfections and boost skin health while making blemishes, fine lines, dark circles and other skincare problems fade from sight. With anti-aging antioxidants, intensive moisturizers and clinically proven herbal extracts and cosmeceuticals, AMAZINGCOSMETICS concealers double as therapeutic treatments for the skin. When you add AMAZINGCOSMETICS concealers to your beauty bag, you'll be extending your skincare regimen and working to promote healthy skin while you perfect your complexion.

Doing Good

The founders of AMAZINGCOSMETICS started their company to help people feel good in addition to looking good, and as their business has grown over the years, they have put a portion of their profits to work to make the world a better place. AMAZINGCOSMETICS donates to a wide range of charitable causes based in the United States and abroad. It provides funds to support medical research for cancer and other conditions, to give opportunities for impoverished youth, to help areas ravaged by natural disasters recover and more.

Products for Common Problems

Every AMAZINGCOSMETICS concealer product was formulated with specific skincare issues in mind, making it easy for you to find the perfect products to meet your needs. You'll find solutions for all kinds of dermatological issues, from fine lines and wrinkles to breakouts to dullness and more. Finding the right product to give you a more flawless-looking complexion is easy with AMAZINGCOSMETICS. The benefits of each formula are clearly explained, and every product has been thoroughly tested to make sure it’s capable of living up to its promises.

The Undetectable, Must-Have Concealer

The brand’s most popular product is the award-winning AMAZINGCONCEALER, and this full-coverage concealer has found a permanent home in the beauty bags of many makeup artists and everyday women. An undetectable, all-around concealer, the AMAZINGCONCEALER is a water-resistant formula with ultra-concentrated pigment and a creamy texture that’s easy to blend. This hardworking formula illuminates the skin while masterfully disguising blemishes, under-eye circles, redness and uneven skin tone. One tiny, “pin-dot” dab of this product is enough to tackle even the most challenging flaws.

Add a Boost of Hydration

Want to create a long-lasting glam look that won’t settle into thirsty skin? The AMAZINGCONCEALER HYDRATE is a solid stick that smooths, plumps and hydrates the skin while disguising discoloration with medium-coverage pigments. Ideal for the under-eye area and all-over spots, this concealer won’t crease or leave your skin dry.

Conceal and Glow

If you’re looking to brighten your face with a healthy-looking glow while concealing imperfections, AMAZINGCONCEALER ILLUMINATE offers the instant pick-me-up you’re seeking. Boasting a silky, lightweight texture, this medium-coverage concealer effectively erases flaws, and it works wonders when it is swept across cheekbones, at the inner corners of the eyes and under the brows.

Chisel and Highlight with Ease

For natural-looking coverage that highlights and contours while concealing, PERFECTION STICKS offer a portable, quick and easy option. These chubby pencils dramatically define your features while adding a pop of light in all the right places to enhance your entire look. Just dot, sweep and blend to disguise dark circles and conceal imperfections. This cream pencil by AMAZINGCOSMETICS is also ideal for touch-ups when you’re on the go.

Correct Your Color

The dual-sided CORRECTOR by AMAZINGCOSMETICS tackles discoloration head-on, erasing dark circles, blemishes, sun damage and redness with ease. This product works great for all skin tones, and each CORRECTOR offers two shades – one for the under-eye area and another for all-over spot correction.

Shades to Match Your Skin Tone

One of the things about conventional concealers that bothered Sue Katz and Lisa Thurman the most was the limited number of shades that were offered by most brands. The pair found they often had to settle for shades that weren't perfect matches, so when creating the AmazingCosmetics collection, they were determined to provide more options. Every AmazingCosmetics color product is available a wide range of shades, so you can find one that will complement your skin tone and bring out the natural undertones of your complexion. As a result, the concealers are much easier to blend than other products and are able to provide more natural-looking results with every application. You can enhance the benefits of the concealers by prepping your skin with one of the brand's problem-solving primers, which are packed with skin-healthy ingredients. Then, you can finish your look with an AmazingCosmetics PowderSet- another pro artist must-have that gives your complexion an air brushed look and helps to set your makeup application for all day…or night wear!