Shop Alterna Products What's New from Alterna Alterna Product Spotlight Alterna is a luxury brand unlike any other. A pioneer in haircare and hair styling, Alterna focuses on pure and innovative formulas inspired by science. In the past, consumers often had to choose between natural ingredients and results. Alterna has set the bar in the beauty world by combining nature with high performance products. Alterna never compromises on quality when creating its product lines and is committed to delivering ground-breaking formulas that transform the hair after just one use.




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A Pioneer in Hair Care

Alterna has managed to become one of the most well-known luxury, professional hair care brands in the world in a relatively short amount of time. The brand emerged on the scene in 1997, offering something that was truly rare in the world of salon hair care-- scientifically advanced and expertly formulated products made with natural ingredients rather than synthetics.

The eco-friendly, gentle products filled a void in the market, making it possible for stylists to provide clients with formulas that could make huge improvements in the health and manageability of their hair while appealing to their eco conscious sensibilities.

Since the launch of the brand, Alterna has become the brand of choice for stylists all over the world and has won numerous awards from top publications like Allure, New Beauty, Natural Health Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Redbook and Self.

Pure Luxurious Ingredients

While you can spot one or two natural substances on the ingredient listings of many hair care products on the market today, you'd be hard pressed to find formulas on the market that are made with as many rare, luxurious natural ingredients offered by Alterna. The brand seeks out the finest ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer and incorporates them into its formulas, allowing you to receive benefits that other products simply can't provide.

Caviar is used to provide the hair with omega-3 fatty acids that promote healthy growth, while the Seasilk marine botanicals complex drenches hair in moisture. Extracts from sustainable bamboo strengthen and repair, and exotic kendi oil repairs, smooths and protects.

Only the Best for Your Hair

The experts at Alterna believe that what's not found in their products is equally as important as what ingredients are included in their formulas. The brand is committed to providing only the safest, purest of hair care solutions and offers a guarantee that their products are free of harsh ingredients. Every product that bears the Alterna brand name is free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates. Plus, Alterna avoids using unnecessary synthetic additives and preservatives. This not only makes Alterna products extra gentle, but it also allows their formulas to be more concentrated for maximum results.

Good for You and for the Planet

Alterna products are derived from nature, so the brand is dedicated to taking care of the environment from which their luxurious ingredients are sourced. All Alterna products are produced using sustainable manufacturing methods that minimize the eco impact of the formulas as much as possible. Every Alterna formula comes in eco-friendly packaging that is either recyclable or produced from recycled content in order to reduce waste. In addition, Alterna uses fair trade agreements when sourcing their ingredients, ensuring that farmers and workers receive fair compensation. As a result, you can feel good using Alterna's products, knowing that they are as good for the planet and for society as they are for your hair.

Advanced, Proven Technologies

With Alterna hair care products, you don't have to wonder about whether or not the formulas can live up to their promises. Every Alterna product is backed by clinical research that verifies its benefits for the hair and scalp. The brand's products are tested first in labs, then in clinical studies and finally in salons to ensure that they are as effective as possible before they are made available for sale. This unique approach to research and development has allowed Alterna to introduce exclusive technologies. An example is the Alterna Enzymetherapy delivery system that helps to improve the effectiveness of their products by ensuring that ingredients reach the parts of the hair and skin where they can provide the most benefits.

Solutions for All Hair Types

No matter what your hair type and biggest hair care concerns are, you can find Alterna products that are ideal for you. The brand offers smoothing products for reducing frizz and improving the look of straight styles as well as curl enhancing formulas for shaping and controlling waves and curls. Repairing and moisturizing products are offered for hair that is stressed, prone to breakage and parched, while volumizing products can be used to give fine and thinning hair a boost. There are also products for color-treated and graying hair.

Completely Natural Regimens

Alterna allows you to put together a complete natural hair care routine to get professional results at home. Start with Alterna shampoos for cleansing and conditioners for nourishing and softening every strand. Then, add Alterna treatments to address hair care concerns and finish with styling products to help you control, shape and hold your hair in place.

To make shopping easy, Alterna has created complete lines of products in matching packaging. Find the line that's right for you and then mix and match products for a customized natural hair care regimen.