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Alora Ambiance

Reed Diffuser and Sticks, Cedro 16 oz (473 ml)


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Cedro: Cedar, thyme and lime.

The exquisite design of Alora Ambiance Air Fresheners is elegantly attractive and unusually effective at filling a room with inviting aromas.

Air Freshener = Art?
As effective a centerpiece as it is an air freshener, Alora truly is a one-of-a-kind product and makes a perfect gift.  Its exquisite design and attention to detail attest to its Italian origins while its wicking device - a deceptively simple and elegant grouping of sticks - is both esthetically attractive and unusually effective.  The liquid seeps up through the wood and fills the room.  It is inviting, giving each space its own signature fragrance.

Woodsy and clean, Cedro is named after the Italian word for both cedar and citron - perfect for this refreshing mix of cedar, thyme and lime.

The 16 oz. bottle lasts 4-6 months.

Alora Ambiance is the perfect addition to any space. Simple and unique, a glass bottle, porous sticks and a fragrant solution naturally combine to enhance the ambiance.

Wood sticks and open cap sold separately.


Always handle diffuser by the bottle.  The fragrance is a combination of alcohol and essential oils and, if spilled, will damage finished surfaces.  Do not place diffuser near open flame.

To assemble diffuser, replace closed wood cap with open wood cap and insert all sticks inside bottle.  Flip sticks initially to saturate, then as needed for desired intensity.

Fragrance will mellow after opening and will naturally darken as evaporation occurs.  Both heat and sunlight will increase darkening.  Diffuser will last 4-6 months depending on dryness or humidity in air and how often sticks are flipped.